What if there was a simple 20-minute exercise programme proven to significantly lower your risk of having an injury. Well there is!

It is the FIFA11+, a very well-researched exercise programme proven to reduce leg injuries. It is free & accessible to everyone. To complete it, all you need is one other person to join you.

The exercise programme incorporates eight minutes of running drills,10 minutes of body-weight strength and balance challenges, and two minutes of higher intensity running exercises.

It was designed to be used by soccer teams, however the results continue to be so impressive that it is widely utilised in all levels of soccer, in other sports and by health professionals during injury rehabilitation.

Let's have less injuries, so we can all spend more time on the things we enjoy!

Here is a chance for everybody to exercise smarter not harder, to benefit from a short and effective exercise programme.

FIFA 11+
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Written by Ilana Hadfield