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Lumbar Lordosis - What Is It?

Lumbar lordosis is the name of the natural curve of your lower spine. Our spine has curves, and is not designed to be "straight".

Spinal posture. Cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis.

We all have different angles of lumbar lordosis, depending on our individual body composition and genetics. Lumbar lordosis is a posture which is energy efficient, and occurs without conscious effort.

Notice in the above image there is also a curve in the neck, this is the cervical lordosis. The middle spine curves the other way, which is called thoracic kyphosis. These curves are synergistic, and important.

The spinal curves allow our head, rib-cage, and pelvis to align near our centre of gravity, and for movement and force to transfer through our body.

Your lumbar lordosis affects your ability to comfortably stand, and move.

Low back pain is very common and physiotherapy can help with this

If you have back pain, muscle spasm, or stiffness, your natural lumbar lordosis may change. This is commonly noticeable as a sore or stiff back when standing for prolongued periods, such as when watching a sports game or cooking.

The changes in your spine posture are modifiable, meaning physiotherapy can help you to have a relaxed and efficient posture.

If you are experiencing low back pain or stiffness, book a physiotherapy appointment today.

Written by Ilana Hadfield


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