Soft tissue injuries need PEACE & LOVE!

PEACE & LOVE is the current acronym for soft tissue injury management, such as when you sprain your ankle, or experience a hamstring strain. It replaces previous acronyms, such as RICE, PRICE and POLICE.

P Protection

E Elevation

A Avoid anti-inflammatories

C Compression

E Education

& And

L Load

O Optimism

V Vascularisation

E Exercise

For the first few days following your injury, it is time for PEACE.

Avoid activities which increase pain by modifying what you do. As often as possible, elevate your injury site above your heart. Avoid taking anti-inflammatories, as these may reduce tissue healing. Compression, through taping or bandaging, can reduce swelling and increase your quality of life. See your physiotherapist to get educated on your injury and it's management, and to find out about recovery timeframes and expectations.

After the first few days, soft tissue injuries need LOVE.

As soon as you are comfortable to, start moving. Comfortable movement helps your injury to heal. Your beliefs and emotions are important when you have an injury, optimism leads to improved recovery. Comfortable aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling and swimming, increases blood flow to your repairing injury. Exercise improves mobility, strength and proprioception. Exercise also helps to prevent re-injury.

So when you have a soft tissue strain or sprain, remember PEACE & LOVE, and book in with your local physiotherapist for an assessment.

Written by Ilana Hadfield